Saturday, February 16, 2013

The Road of Life Goes Ever On and On

Life's been hectic lately. My best friend, Ti, after a series of 'we broke up... jk' incidents, finally broke it off entirely with her asshole (I'm so not judging) boyfriend. After more and more moments of increasingly unfeeling indifference from him, the straw that broke the camel's back (or rather Ti's heart) was when he made no effort to do anything for Valentine's day and finally told her that he had only promised to write a note to her, which would've taken all of a minute, in an effort to shut her whining. He dumped her (broke up is too mild for what he did) during that phone call in the last few hours of Valentine's Day. I say good riddance and I'm glad he's gone, but he leaves behind the pieces of Ti's first relationship and her heart for her other friends and me to put back together again. I had sent her a care package, initially for what I thought was a break up but turned out to be false alarm (how I wish now it was true!), just a few days before Valentine's Day. The package arrived on the day of Valentine's and in my letter inside I told her how it was for the rough bump that she was going through, with parents and school, because she had supposedly made up with her boyfriend already. However, since her asshole (still not judging) boyfriend dumped her that night, I had to send the second, for breaking up, part of my gift sooner than I anticipated (I did expect to send it though...). I sent it on the 15th and I will have a picture of it up when she gets it.

The photo's grainy since Ti took it with her phone. It shows the homemade fudge I made with Karillith in our dorm room (in the pink bag), the white bag with the cookies from Diddy Riese (a must have if anyone ever come to UCLA), Yan Yan, and an blue angry face thing that I thought would be great for throwing.

 In other, more cheerful news! I had my first Cake Pops ever, courtesy of a nursing friend as part of the Nursing School's fundraiser. They were quite tasty. And you can see my manicure in here! It's Sally Hansen's Red My Lips. The red was perfect for both Chinese New Years on February 10th and Valentine's Day!
This was my first fondue ever, chocolate or otherwise. It came courtesy of a residential hall activity for Valentine's day. There were strawberries, pound cake pieces, marshmallows, and banana slices (which I did not get). Everything was delicious (how could it not be, coated in chocolate?) and the strawberries were especially divine.

The next time I post, it will (hopefully) be more focused on my own problems, which I have had a few of lately and need to get off my chest.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Life is a Roller-coaster. True Story.

Sorry I've been really bad at this whole blogging business... But meh. I guess I will promise (once again) to try and be more one time. That's the most I can do since only time will tell if I keep the promise or not.

I've been having a good couple of weeks, but at the same time not so good. I did really well on my psychology midterm, but I've been super unmotivated at the same time. Maybe establishing a firm schedule for myself will help me get more on task? I keep telling myself to catch up but because I have so much to catch up that I've forgone the use of my white board momentarily, I can't keep myself on track. I spend my time alternating between feeling guilty about not doing work and surfing the web to distract myself from feeling guilty. I know, I know... Why don't I simply do work to get rid of the guilty feeling, right? But then all I can see is the huge pile of work that I have to do... It is, quite simply, a vicious, unending cycle. Which I will break today! (Haha, never going to happen. :P)

In other news, I sent my friend a comfort package! I will have her take a picture of it so I can post it next time. Think it'll arrive at her apartment today... since I sent it with a 2 day delivery thing. The story behind it is kind of complicated. Originally, it was a break-up care package, but she kind of got back together with him within about 24 to 36 hours. But then she's been having a very stressful time with academics and most especially parents (she has very erratic and seemingly asshole parents... dad... yea. not judging at all). I will talk more about it (and what was in it) when I get the picture I guess.

That's all for now. How does one end a blog post anyways?