Sunday, March 17, 2013

Bad Mishya!

But can you really blame me? Finals week as here and the weeks leading up to it were just as hectic if not more so. Essays, projects, grades.... Ugh!

However, I've been feeling really lousy about myself lately. I've keep telling myself, "I'll eat less tomorrow" or "I'll work out tomorrow" and I've finally realized that won't work at all! It definitely helps (me at least) to read other people's fitness progress. The one I stumbled on today through Pinterest even though I should be studying... is really motivating! I feel like these stories of personal triumph are so much more motivating because you know they have gone through what you have. She's gone through the same pitfalls as I have and she picked herself up (whereas I'm still stuck...). But meh! One thing for sure I plan to do is calorie counting. I do like her way of eating and exercising. Start small and work up! And don't put off to tomorrow what you can do today. I guess I should do a tumblr... but I think I'll just post on here. After all, this is my personal blog.

In other news, I found a lip stain thing (not sure if it's stain, gloss, balm... too many types!) that I adore. It's by Pixi, which can be found at Target, and it's called Magic Tink Tint. It's a pink color that supposedly reacts to the pH of your lips and becomes a personalized pink. It applies clear and gradually changes. So cool! I like the way it just glides on... and the chubby stick format is rather adorable! It has Tinkerbell and vines decorating it. Makes me feel so girly~

I'll post again later. Probably about if I ate better and if I exercised at all. :P Meh.

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