Saturday, March 2, 2013

Oopsie Daisies

I really do suck at keeping up with posting. But hey, I'm posting more frequently than I ever did with my old blog.

First up, a picture of Monsieur Jean Claude Pierre Dumoulin the Third. He's a stuffed animal (a teddy dog?) that I sent Ti to comfort her after she got dumped by her asshole, not judging, of a boyfriend. My roommate and I still owe her a collar for Jean Claude Pierre. I'll endeavor to make her a dog-tag from some leftover silver nickel I have at home... Karillith will probably take care of the collar part.

Anyhow, besides Ti's troubles, I've been having a few hectic weeks. Trouble focusing, catching up with schoolwork... I think the cause has finally come to light! My period showed up 2 days ago. Or was it yesterday? Anyhow, it was particularly bad this time. Usually I only have crippling backache. This time, cramps came to play and I had both! Oh the joys of being a woman (can you tell I'm sarcastic?). I've been feeling a bit better since yesterday, so hopefully today will go well.

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