Tuesday, January 8, 2013

I Suck At Resolutions Apparently

I said I would blog every day... but I've been super busy. That's my excuse. Which is a totally legit excuse, considering I just started winter quarter at UCLA and I've been super busy trying to get all my classes and books. But I had time today! My head is pounding and I desperately want to go to bed, but I'm not going to skip any more days.

Today was a mixed day.

It was pretty good in terms of my general mood. I definitely felt pretty productive today. Read the readings that I could (considering the majority haven't arrived yet... curse you, Amazon!) and even did 2 hours of experiment credits for my Introduction to Psychology class. That isn't to say I couldn't have been more productive, but considering how lethargic and depressed I was last quarter, I can definitely be happy (and can I say proud?) of this improvement.

On the flip side, I definitely felt like I ate a lot today, which is not good at all. I am ashamed to say I felt super hungry at dinner and made the conscious decision to eat extra and just throw it all up in the bathroom later. I felt really guilty, yet I still did it. What does that say about me? Still saying I'm not anorexic. I really need to make a way of keeping to my resolution though. Eat less (stop throwing up) and exercise more! Haven't exercised at all...

That's it for all though. Good night!!!

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