Thursday, January 24, 2013

Gloomy Skies Forebode Darkness

Literally darkness. I did not want to wake up for my 8AM class today at all because it was so dark outside. It felt like night time still. It still feels like night, as if morning is never coming. This type of weather makes me yearn for sleep-ins, hot tea, and cozy blankets. Instead I get class at the earliest possible time and no thermos to put any hot drinks in. *sadface*

Anyhow! I do apologize for not posting for such a long time. I've totally broken my resolution apart. Torn it down and stomped on it. I will endeavor to keep more on track from now on. As for the rest of my resolutions... They are going very meh. I haven't really lost weight, but haven't gained it either. I find it hard to eat right when I have to live on dorm food. The only vegetables they have are salads, which I don't really like. It's a shame because I love vegetables, but I'm used to having them cooked. Eating less is hard too when I'm always hungry. It seems as if I need to eat more to be full with dining hall food. It makes me wish that I could live in an apartment and cook for myself. But I have been exercising, so that's the upside. I took a hoola-hoop conditioning class with Karillith the other day. It was interesting, not as fun as I thought it would be, but definitely an okay work out.

I hope to be back with better news in the next post. I have gotten over my slump and am now motivated! Like, 75% motivated. Clearly still not all there yet. Ah well, clearly, my journey might have started with a single step, but keeping myself from stopping is just as hard, if not harder, then that single step.

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